Super Bowl LV

No it is not in Las Vegas, it is Roman for 55 and despite the pandemic, we will have a winner this year. Rather, one team will come home with a victory. You as a mere bystander will be a winner or a loser depending on your bets. Remember, the best team will be victorious, not a winner. This is not about a lottery ticket or a game of yatzee.

This post will not tell you about the best players, neither the worst players. The coaches are good but are as always prone to mistakes. As are the zebras. It all is supposed to even out during a game.

Fact: Buccaneers are now plus 3 from plus 3.5 which is a huge difference for bettors. Media is telling Tom “GOAT” Brady’s story and right now it feels like Mahomes is the underdog. That is simply not correct. While TB12 might be the GOAT he is not that good right now. He threw three INTerceptions last time out which is not acceptable. His receiving corps is good, but the Chiefs receiving crew is great. Chiefs are simply better than Bucs in most positions player by player. Bucs might have the better coach but we are not super fond of those old timers, better at yelling than understanding analytics.

So why won’t Chiefs run away with this game? Bucs have a good defense which will make sure to keep the game close.

The big game will present a fantastic opportunity this year.Middle the game with teasers and you will benefit from a close game and will likely hit both. The downside should be very limited.


Here is the play!

So with Teasers you can have Bucs +10 over 49 and you will have Chiefs +4 under 63. The probability of you losing both should be very very low. Theoretically the standard deviation goes down a lot when you middle your bets. Take those bets and pray for a close game.

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