It’s getting hot in here…

We slipped a little last week, but we are still 9-4 on the season with out best bets, so lets get after it before the whole damn league catches the Vid and we are left gambling on European Football

Arizona Cardinals(-3.5) @ Carolina Panthers: I targeted this game earlier in the week as I felt the Cardinals were going to get some flack from Vegas for blowing the game to the Lions. The fact is, they played well enough to win but Kyler Murray had an off day (which will happen with young QB’s) throwing 3 INTs. Expect a bounce back here. The Panthers, after giving up 30+ in weeks 1 and 2 got by the Chargers 21-16 for their first win. Murray, Hopkins, Fitzgerald and Co. will present problems for the Carolina secondary and another 30+ burger is likely.

PICK: Cardinals -3.5

Seattle Seahawks(-5-5) @ Miami Dolphins: Ok, this game feels like a Vegas trap, but we are going to step in it. A 3-0 Seattle team with MVP candidate Russell Wilson playing the Fitzpatrick led 1-2 Dolphins? Sure the Seahawks typically have issues travelling East, but without fans and this weak of a Dolphin team, I see Seattle cruising to a +7 win in this one.

PICK: Seahawks -5.5

Baltimore Ravens (-13.5) @ Washington Football Team: Normally we would not give up this much chalk, but living in the DMV we get a good dose of both of these teams. The Ravens are a bad (as in great) football team that can put a hurt on you on both ends of the football. Washington is just plain bad. They do have a formidable pass rush, but that can be mitigated with a mobile QB as Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield showed (15 and 14 point losses by the WFT). There is no QB more mobile than Lamar Jackson, and they will be looking to put the AFC back on notice after losing to the Chiefs in week 3.

PICK: Ravens: Ravens-13.5

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