Baseball is Back – Best Bets

Tonight we will welcome two games on our screens. Normally we wouldn’t have missed opening day, but this year we will be happy to watch it from a distance.

There are som early opportunities betting wise tonight if you listen to us (risky).

Evil Empire @ Nats

The Yankees will have the upper hand in the opener. The designated hitter rule will surely benefit the Yankees and the over. The weather is super supportive of the over should the rain stay away. Hot and humid will make the ball fly. That is a problem for starter Max Scherzer. Being one of the best in the league he is not getting any younger. He has also not have an ideal preparation for this. Add to this that he normally will collect energy from the fans.

His main problem has always been a tendency to allow early homeruns. Remember last year? Mets. Strikeout swinging – Another K – Homer – Strikeout looking. Next game vs Phillies. HR in the second. It is just a clear tendancy and you should always lean towards betting against Max in the first three, maybe combined with him winning with an in running bet when the odds have shifted.

To add further burden to Nats chances, know that their Dominican squad has had Covid issues.

We will bet Yankees to score in the first inning at +250.

We will bet Judge to homer and Yanks to win at +400

We will bet Yanks to win -1.5 and the over 7.5 which should be nicely correlated. Odds +215 but we have found better online.

Giants at Dodgers

Fantastic opener for the teams. But Johnny Cueto? Really? Clayton Kershaw is going to walk all over the erratic opposing pitcher. Of course this is a game when everyone is betting Dodgers. And it is baseball and everything can happen. When everything can happen, our advice is to keep to correlated bets that keeps the plan intact. This might be a high scoring game, but if Kershaw comes out strong Giants might score very few.

We will bet Dodgers to score first (according to plan) and win at -105.

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