The world’s greatest harness meet


This week-end the trotting world will be tuning in to Stockholm, Sweden. Despite being a non-lockdown country, Sweden won’t accept the 25000 + crowds at Solvalla, the main track in Northern Europe. So no fans. But racing for sure and the pools will be immense! On Friday there will be an exciting Pick 65 (you get money if you get five or six correct) but the real cards will be dealt at the extremely popular Pick75 pools on Saturday and Sunday. Here you will get some money back for five correct picks, maybe a slight profit for six and life alternating money a possibility if you get all seven correct. Also there will always be a lot of value in the Pick 4 pools.

The Basics

In Sweden all tracks are 1000 meters. It is a huge advantage to be in the lead. Despite that there is almost never any movement in the field and contrary to the US the horses will line up in two neat rows. Being outside the leader is called “the death” and your horse will never win from there. Unless the driver is Örjan Kihlström who always wins from that position. The golden spot is called “the winner’s hole” and chances that you will win from that position are slim to say the least. Unless your driver is Örjan Kihlström (are you getting the theme?) who always wins from that position. Nicknamed “Jack In The Box” Örjan Kihlström will win a couple of races this weekend. Of course we will almost never bet Örjan Kihlström as it is too nerve-wrecking.

You will be able to bet at TVG, and we guess a few other providers. If betting through TVG you will be able to watch the international broadcast. The accents will probably be Irish or South African and both are friends of ours.

In Sweden the taxes are high so the pools are not the same value as here in the States. All good gamblers will be playing reduced systems but the old folks like my dad will still be there stabbing at the pot with a measly 20. The cost per combination is low, but don’t let that fool you. With seven races the number of combinations are limitless!

At the website Swedish Horseracing you will find the replays, information about equipment, scratches, news and tips. It is a blessing.

It’s Friday!

Friday is traditionally the worst day and we traditionalists don’t really accept it as beeing part of the “Elitloppsveckan”.

The V65, “Pick 65” starts in race 2 and you will find the form here. The start is 12.45 local time which is 6.45 am here on the east coast.

The first leg is for three year olds and 1 Selected News. The driver is old, the trainer is old, the colt is young and bright and he should go wire to wire here. The worst enemy is drawn on the outside which is an extra plus. Given that he doesn’t get trapped inside this is a banker. You will pick one horse or all horses.

The second leg is over 2640 meters for young drivers. The best horses have bad draws and will start from the second line behind the car making the lead impossible. 2,4,5 are in good form and will be able to handle the distance. 9 is a good horse and 10 has the best driver.

The third leg is for three year old fillies over 2140 meters. We like 1 G.R Tuwa Lee and 3 Quental Quetzal. We don’t dare leaving out Örjan Kihlström and 2 Fear of Heights.

The fourth leg is a tricky race for fillies. It is closed for horses earning more than 190 000 crowns and 11 Love No Pain has earned 189 500. The draw is a huge minus but she could win anyway. 5 Body Contact has a perfect draw and is perhaps the class horse in the field. Prone to making mistakes he is not one to be trusted. We will use 1,3,4,5,8,11.

The fifth leg is for fillies and mares over 2140 meters and the quality is spectacular. We are still breathless after watching 1 Alhambra Mail winning her last two starts. The draw is bad for her. The conditions are bad for her. (The race is closed above 700 000 crowns and she has earned 431 000). A lot of shrewd players will try to beat her but we can’t just see her lose this one.

The last leg is a handicap race over 3140-3180 meters where you will be assigned a starting position based on earnings. The horses are either young and very promising or older and battle hardened stayers. 13 Indy D will be able to have a flying start from his draw and will most likely be the favorite. 12 Bear Hope will also benefit from the draw. We actually like the more inexperienced horses starting 20 or 40 meters ahead of the favorite. We will bet 1,3,4,5,6,8,12,13.

That will give us 720 combinations.


This day is like a day with only Stake Races. The horses will be in top form and there will a few really big favorites. If they hold up the dividend in the V75 pool will be low. If they loose…

We will only cover the V75, Pick75.

The first leg will feature of field of elite mares. 1 Willow Pride will try to take them wire to wire, but most probably 4 Double Exposure will get to the lead and win or win from outside the leader with Örjan Kihlström in the bike. 5 Vivacious Allie is a fast filly by Muscle Hill and might spring a surprise. Jerry Riordan is known to have a few tricks up his sleeve and will be readying 6 Tessy d’Ete for the occassion. These four should get us through to the second leg. 4 horses.

8 Don Fanucci Zet will be the jolly in the second leg despite the ugly post position. This son of Hard Livin is as fast over 2140 meter as over the mile and will be tough to beat. We will try to do just that. 1,2,3,4,6,7,9 should do the trick. 8 horses.

In the third leg we find one of our favorite horses. 6 Very Kronos hasn’t been a horse to trust during a successfull career but winning 15 out of 28 races is still good enough. How can we have lost so much money on this one? 2 Prosperous might take the lead and he is ultra strong will Very Kronos win if he has to press Prosperous all the way? If you will try to take on our banker Very Kronos we suggest that you will do that with 11 Vincero Gar who might benefit from a hot pace.

The fourth leg is a bending start with horses starting from 2140, 2160 and 2180 meters. Conventional “wisdom” tell that you are supposed to pick one from each distance. 10 Anthara Bi will be charging the first four horses early from her “flying start”. 5 Waiting Hill Hall will be racing unshod and that will get this filly by Muscle Hill an extra gear. We will use these two, but if you are rich just keep on picking horses in this race.

The fifth is most interesting and we like 5 Armour As and 6 Van Gogh ZS most. The one getting the best trip will win and 5 Armour As should be favored to get that and is a possible banker. We will use two horses just because we can.

In the sixth 1 Seismic Wave will erupt from behind the car and go to the lead. He will stay there and win.

The seventh leg is the legendary Harper Hanover’s race. This is every horseplayer’s favorite race of the year. French horses always have the upper hand in this race and it should be a show of strenght from 13 Ble du Gers and 15 Moni Viking. Should the affair be to tactical with the two favorites just waiting for the other to make the first move 3 Tengil Face will take them wire to wire. 3 horses.

We ended up with 4x8x1x2x2x1x3=384 combinations. Feel free to expand!


The Elitlopp will present many different betting opportunities. Bookmakers will offer odds on the winner and there is a pool for the winner of the final with all 16 runners in the elimination heats. The Pick 75 will conclude with the two elimination heats and we have our favs ready!

The first leg is for “les sang-froids”, the “native” horse of Scandinavia. They don’t look as the ugly trolls as they did when we were young but they are faster. 4, 6 and 8 are all good enough to win if they get to the front. The heart says 10 Månprinsen AM and we will start the day with four horses.

In the second leg 10 Golden Tricks is a new import from the US having had two starts in Sweden. The post position is very bad and we will take her on with all nine horses. We will include the jolly as well. 10 horses.

8 Ecurie D doesn’t know how to lose and despite the unlucky draw we fancy him to win. He could win the big one next year.

The fourth leg will go to 2 Bolero Gar if they are able to race unshod. Banker. Let’s pray that the Swedish public will make 4 Hell Bent For Am a heavy favorite.

The fifth is a tricky sprint where we will use the first nine horses.

The sixth is the first elimination race for the Elitlopp. 1 Vivid Wise As could win if he is back to form but didn’t look himself last time out. 3 Disco Volante and 4 Missle Hill will both go at it when the car leaves the field. 8 Earl Simon has got a lot of early pace and might destroy the race for 3 or 4. We will use 1,3 and 4.

The next elimination race is very intriguing. 8 Propulsion will be way overbet. We love 2 Billie de Montfort but will she really go for it in this race? She could be one for the finale. 1 Elian Web has the best post position and will be our banker here.

The coupon will use 4x10x1x1x9x3x1 which is 1080 combinations. Fortunatly every combination is cheap.

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