You got to fight for your right – to party!

While Caps stink at the moment you can’t blame Tom Wilson for not trying to ignite the team.

The fight with Robert Hägg was a good one. The Swede actually stood up for quite a while a was able to throw a few punches as well as trying to kick Wilson in the nuts. Eventually goes down though. 3 boxing gloves out of 5.

We learned two things here. 1) Hagg has a huge set of Swedish meatballs 2) He should NEVER fight Wilson again. He got 1 good shot in, which angered Wilson. He was lucky he managed to only take a moderate beating. Two HUGE thumbs up to Hagg for stepping up for his team. Gerbfather

The fight with Nate Thompson was a really bad one so it was good that Wilson could find Hägg later on. Thompson clearly doesn’t want to fight and after Wilson just pulls him around the ice there will be a short exchange of punches. The jury unanimously voted Wilson the winner. 2 boxing gloves out of five.

I’ve had better fights with my wife. Even other peoples wives. 2 boxing gloves? I’d give it one pillow. Gerbfather

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